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NanLite Remote Control 1
NanLite Remote Control 1

The RC-1 Bi-Color Remote Controller from NanLite is a multi-function wireless control accessory that is especially valuable for adjusting lights that are positioned at a distance or hung overhead. The remote can adjust color temperature, brightness from 0 to 100%, hard and soft quality of light, and DMX channel assignment on one or multiple lights. The remote is compatible with NanLite Forza, PavoTube, Luxpad Soft Panels, Value Series, and Pro Series LED panels.

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Omschrijving Merk Art. Nr. Prijs incl. BTW Aantal Bestellen
NanLite Transparent Clip for Pavotube (T12)
NL-PT-C1 € 7,95 Bestellen
NanLite Safety metal cords size M
Nanlite NL-SMC-M € 7,95 Bestellen
NanLite Coupler 1/4″ (for Pavotube 6CII)
Nanlite NL-CP-14 € 9,95 Bestellen
NanLite Eye Bolt
Nanlite NL-AS-EB € 9,95 Bestellen
NanLite Safety metal cords size L
Nanlite NL-SMC-L € 9,95 Bestellen
Nanlite Floor Stand for T8
Nanlite NL-LS-FL-T8 € 11,95 Bestellen
NanLite Bouncer with Suction Cup
Nanlite NL-AS-BSC € 11,95 Bestellen
NanLite Syncronization cable CN-T-MS
cable CN-T-MS € 12,95 Bestellen
NanLite Ball Head Tube Holder
Nanlite NL-HD-T12-BH € 12,95 Bestellen
NanLite Transparent T12 Clip with Magnet for Pavotube
NL-HD-T12-1-MC € 12,95 Bestellen
NanLite E27 Magnetic Base Adapter
Nanlite NL-AS-MBAE27 € 12,95 Bestellen
NanLite Mini Super Clamp
Nanlite NL-AS-MSC € 12,95 Bestellen
NanLite Egg Crate Grid for PavoTube 6C II
Nanlite NL-EC-PT6CII € 14,95 Bestellen
NanLite Waterproof Bag for PavoTube 6C II
Nanlite NL-WB-PT6CII € 14,95 Bestellen
NanLite Waterproof Bag for LitoLite 5C
Nanlite NL-WB-LL5C € 14,95 Bestellen
NanLite Female to Male Double Split Adapter
Nanlite NL-CB-DC-1/2 € 14,95 Bestellen
NanLite 3M type C connecting cable
Nanlite NL-CB-USBC-3M € 14,95 Bestellen
NanLite stand for Halo-series
Nanlite NL-LS-DT-5/8 € 15,95 Bestellen
Nanlite Muti-angle Mount
Nanlite NL-AS-MAM-PTIIX € 17,95 Bestellen
NanLite Soft Case for Compac 100
Nanlite NL-SC-CP100 € 18,95 Bestellen
Nanlite USB-C to DMX Cable Splitter
Nanlite NL-CB-DMX-USBC-1/3 € 18,95 Bestellen
NanLite Mount /w Clips for single Pavotube
NL-PT-M1 € 24,95 Bestellen
NanLite Remote Control 1
Nanlite NL-RC1 € 24,95 Bestellen
NanLite RGB Remote control
Nanlite NL-WS-RC-C1 € 24,95 Bestellen
NanLite Floor stand for Pavotube II
NL-LS-FL-1/4 € 24,95 Bestellen
NanLite NPF Battery Adapter with E27 Head
Nanlite NL-BT-BA-SNPE27 € 24,95 Bestellen
NanLite FM Mount Mini Reflector 45°
Nanlite NL-RF-FMM-45-S € 28,95 Bestellen
NanLite Eggcrate Grid for Strip Softbox 140x30cm
NL-EC-ST140x30 € 29,95 Bestellen
NanLite Eggcrate Grid for Assymetric Softbox 110x45cm
NL-EC-AS110x45 € 34,95 Bestellen
NanLite DMX Adapter Cable
NL-CB-DMX-ACP-1/2 € 34,95 Bestellen
NanLite Floor Stand for T12 Tube Light
NL-LS-FL-T12 € 34,95 Bestellen
NanLite Forza Super Clamp with Hook
NL-AS-SCH-FZ € 34,95 Bestellen
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